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Useful questions and answers

1What is Fiber Optic?
Fiber optics is the most dependable infrastructure for telecommunications. Fiber is a pure glass based medium and superior to both conventional wireless and copper based wired mediums.
2How do I contact Leonet for help?
You can email us at [email protected] or call us at 111-536-638
3Can I get all the services on one device?
We have two devices to share with you and both are powered by state-of-the-art Wi-Fi services. However, one device will provide internet functionality only while the other shall have internet, TV services available for your enjoyment.
4How do I get Leonet for my home?
Your first bill will be generated immediately after account creation and service selection. Then from the next month onwards, you will be billed on the 1st of every month to be paid on or before 10th of that month
5What should I understand by the term ‘Fair Usage Policy (FUP)’?
Leonet is offering Consumer Internet bandwidth with no volume cap or download limit presently. However FUP (Fair Usage Policy) as per rules and regulations of Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) are applied
6Why am I facing poor indoor Wi-Fi coverage at my home?
For WI-FI signals coverage in homes, it happens because the signals from our l (ONT) device might not be propagating to some parts of your home. The antennas of ONT have a certain transmission power and obstacles such as concrete walls, pillars and RCC Floors can cause the signal to weaken rapidly.
7How scalable are your services?
Any package can be upgraded by the customer according to their needs. Our GPON fiber services can support bandwidth up to 2.5 Gbps. Your package upgrade is only a click away from you. You just need to call UAN number