February 25, 2018
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  • LEO Net Principles
    • Mr. Khurram Megjiani
      CEO & Founder

      "By the grace of Allah, we have completed sixteen successful years of Leonet (Pvt.) Ltd. and are beginning an exciting seventeenth one. In these sixteen years since Leonet (Pvt.) Ltd. Was launched in Karachi, our congregation has gone from its conceptual infancy stage to a challenger, and finally are moving forward to become a strength. We have expanded in every way promising to provide the best communique and internet experience to our customers.

      In our seventeenth year, we will continue to expand and take our network and subscribers to the most dominant levels in Pakistan. We wish to make this year a new era for ourselves and the country, a time when Leonet (Pvt.) Ltd will become the primary internet service provider for all communication needs. We will spare no effort, cost or fortitude to ensure that Leonet (Pvt.) Ltd. becomes a enterprise to serve the people of Pakistan in the most effective manner."

      I would like to extend sincere thanks and appreciation to all our employees as well as all our customers, across all market segments, whose patronage, support and confidence in our services has encouraged us to strive harder to match their aspirations and expectations, and to deliver the experiences of the future today.



If you wish to stay ahead, get the best amenities/services and be kind to yourself and your sacks, you have come to the right place. LEONET (Pvt.) Ltd is one of the leading internet service providers in Pakistan. You are our utmost priority and we enable you to optimize your resources to the maximum. With LEONET, you are able to spend less and get more than you ever thought possible. Our most notable services are:

  • Internet Connectivity
  • Multi-Media Services
  • Network Designing & Solutions.

So be smart and invest with us. Our years of experience, team of professionals and innovative solutions guarantee you receive flawless service at an affordable price. Do give us a chance to succor you the best of Internet!!!!

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